Text to Speech Quiz

Further to my blog post, Progress on MyStudyBar, Daisy and AMIS, I went on to investigate Zoho Challenge. Having sussed out how to set up an on-line quiz, life interrupted the flow. Before I managed to set up my quiz, Zoho Challenge ceased to exist. I then spent a further 2 hours investigating Quizstar and FiftySneakers before deciding that life was too short. I am very unlikely to need to set up an online quiz. I am very behind on this course. Consequently I made the decision not to waste more time on this activity. I have used GoogleForms to set up my ‘quiz‘. As a result it is more like a questionnaire, you do not get a mark at the end and if you are interested in the answers, you will have to look at the Quiz Answers.


5 thoughts on “Text to Speech Quiz

  1. Good questions! Sadly, lots of people’s quizzes from this unit disappeared with Zoho’s change in policy. This is why I’m always reluctant to commit too much time, effort & trust in anything hosted for free on a website – there’s always a clause to say that they are not responsible for losses!

  2. Thanks for the test. I found the questions quite good. I have never used Google forms and like you I am behind so didn’t wish to wast time learning how to do it. Another course participant recommended Classmarker, which I found extremely easy to use. What happens to the form once you submit it?

    • Scrap that remark about Classmarker. Easy to make the questions but assigning the test is more difficult, unless you wish to pay for subscription. Now using Google Forms, I think I opened the wrong format when I looked last time. That’s what you get for hurrying to get things done. 🙂

      • The good thing about Google forms is that it is easy to set up, really easy. The bad thing about it, if you are trying to set up a quiz, is that it really is a questionnaire. Consequently, the person filling it in does not get any response, but the answers are passed on to the person who set it, just like a questionnaire, which is why I wasn’t going to use it initially. I only used it once Zoho ceased to be and then only after wasting lots of time trying to sort out how to use other software. But it means I get to see a spreadsheet of answers which have been given!

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